Jais Curry - Food Freedom Coach

Helping women quit binge and emotional eating with high value coaching so they can free up valuable brain space for the important things in life.

I’ll help you to heal your relationship with food, your body, and your self-worth. The best part is that you’ll still be eating the foods you love.

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Food is Not a Fight 1:1 Coaching

I help women on their path to finding food freedom in their lives. My clients feel a sense of liberation from the self-imposed prison they’ve been trapped in.


You might be secretly eating chips in the pantry while “looking” for another food. Maybe you’re the woman who avoids Oreos like the plague because you know the whole sleeve will be gone within 24 hours. You might be someone that has tried every single trendy diet, only to binge on ice cream two weeks later and feel like a failure. It doesn’t have to be this way. 

I guide my 1:1 clients through a personalized program where we dive deep into what you’re truly hungry for. Along the way you’ll become an expert at understanding personal responsibility, connection to your body and self, and you’ll apply actionable strategies for healing that you can use long after our time together is complete.

What if I told you...

You are capable of healing your relationship with food and your body?

How would it feel...

To be confident in your food choices, especially when life feels out of control?

I see you...

I feel your pain, your frustration and your hurt because I was once there too.


You Can Do This

I went from white knuckling my relationship with food through years of dieting and restricting to feeling out of control to a place of peace and ease, and you can too.

About Me

Hi, I’m Jais, your Food Freedom Coach. I grew up in an environment where food was always present. From a young age, I started to feel the pressure of maintaining a specific body type, even though I was always encouraged to eat more. 

This led me down a path of restricting, binging and every other disordered eating behavior in the books. In 2019, I became a Hungry for Happiness Certified Food and Body Coach and discovered my calling. Now, I help women both 1:1 and inside my Mindful Body Academy to find peace around their food choices and their bodies. 



"Before working with Jais, ice cream barely made it a day in my house before I devoured it. Now, I've had the same pint of Ben and Jerrys in the fridge for 2 weeks and haven't even thought about it. Jais has given me my life and sanity back!"

-Jenna C.
Marketing Coach

"I absolutely love working with Jais. She is such an inspiration and works with you so closely to ensure goals are met. My favorite part of our calls is working to see what positives we achieved that week and seeing how we can really set free any negatives that happened. Our sessions are so eye opening and anything we come up with is so easy to work towards."

-Cassie A.
Online Business Manager

"Working with Jais might be the most real thing you ever do. It. might hurt, you might cry (if you're like me, you will), but you'll get to dig down to a deeper feeling than "I want to lose weight so I can love myself." As Jais says, skinny isn't a feeling, and she will take you on a discovery to find out and heal what is stopping you from loving yourself. You won't regret working with her!"

-Bre H.
Relationship Sales Expert

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